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Blog Entry Week 1

            My first week as an intern for Word of Mouth Event Planning proved to be more challenging that I had originally though. Designing a flier for an event is not such an easy task. The goal was to construct two advertisements; one was for Cake Decorating Classes, and the other was for an Etiquette Course. When creating my first two event advertisements, I tried to make them as visually pleasing as possible in order to attract potential class members. I used a flier type format, with pictures and bullets as I felt appropriate. Happily, I believe that I achieved my goal, as they came out attractive and informational.

I was also assigned to choosing the items for a gift basket raffle give away. This was my favorite part of the week. I got to choose items that would be appropriate for each give away. Since the Etiquette Classes are targeted towards 13-17 year old boys and girls, it was difficult to find relevant items that would please the person receiving the basket. Creating two separate baskets, one for a girl and one for a boy would probably be the best idea in this circumstance. The cake class basket was the easiest, as my sister is a baker and gave me tons of ideas for items a new learner would need. Although this week not tremendously easy, I found the tasks to be mentally stimulating and overall enjoyable. 


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