Im all grown up

My once innocent mind is now corrupt

And my hands are stained

But my heart never lost that dream

Of living in a fairytale

Of being the hero

Saving my damsel in distress

Never lost that child like heart

Of living happily ever after

It makes me smile

To find deep beneath this vandalized heart

Is the unceasing hope and positivity of being happy

It may not be easy as 1, 2, 3

But like in every fairytale story

The villain will come to try and stop me

From claiming my victory

But within my heart I have woven this tapestry

Nothing will stop me from grasping my destiny

And in the end I will be the knight and shinning armor

God has set out me to be

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Lindy 6 years ago

Its absolutely beautiful! I love it :D!

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

moving powerful poem great reading thanks feel your words

kath 6 years ago

wow full of encouraging words.. like like it.. inspired ka ha.. hehe

portia 6 years ago

wow...nice ruel :-)

sharli 6 years ago

wow..alam mo na kuya kung bakit ka nasa GMA..ikaw na ang black knight para sa aming mga PA...hihi...andiyan ka pag kailangan..kaya isa-isang natutupad ang pangarap...wag bibitaw sir! inspired ako sa sinulat mo. :)

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