2012... New Year or Carry-Over?

Today, I present to you two pictures, both totally beautiful in their own way. They are also completely opposite of each other. One shows the beauty of the mountains and water, a place where there is life and growth and peace and serenity. The second picture tells a different story. It speaks of harshness and famine and yet it pushes forward the hope that from a desert can come water. These things are what I write about today are exactly that. Pictures in my mind of what the New year may bring to us.

The world has been in Chaos for a very long time. We have seen wars and so much death. We have seen feasting and we have seen famine, both to the brim. We, as a people, world wide, have seen destruction at it's worst. Storms and Tsunami's that have devastated lives. Sad moments and good times, not always a balanced mix, but part of the year that is going and I wonder... part of the New Year? Are you changing the Calendar only in Date or is the New year going to bring to us something truly new? The world, 7 billion strong, is changing and yet, I can't help but think of the saying "History will repeat itself." I fear that we are not ending a year but continuing with a simple flip of the calender page.

The economy isn't getting better and stores are closing all over the States.These are happenings that will not stay in 2011. They will follow us right in to 2012 and the reaction to the actions will leave more people with out jobs. No jobs translates into no money and no homes and sadly, less or no food for our people. Bringing in the New year will not have any less flair than it has for the past 230+ years that we have been a free nation in America. There will be champagneand snacks and cheers and people will stay awake and sit near their T.V.'s long enough to watch the ball drop in Times Square, lighting up the screen with wishes of a Happy New Year to everyone. We will hug our loved ones and slip in to our beds. Perhaps we will say a prayer that the new year be a better year. And in the morning, hangovers for some, wandering thoughts for others, it will be 2012. We will take a moment to look back on 2011 and as our thoughts deepen, we may then realize that 2011 isn't gone at all. It is simply gripping 2012 by the shirt tail and bringing it's baggage with it.

Why do I write this today? Do I have anything good to say about 2012 coming? Of course I do. I have already made silent resolutions to lose weight and exercise more, the same as I make every year. I have added a few to the list such as selling more books, furthering my knowledge concerning marketing and sales. Taking time to really stop and count the blessing that are mine each and every day is something I really Must do. There is the chance the economy will change for the better and jobs will open and we will, as a people, no matter what continent you call home, find ways to feed our hungry and see to it that not one single child is hungry or homeless.

I write today because only We can make 2012 it's own year. We, together must find a way to bring back the things this country was built on. Freedom and peace and the pursuit of happiness. All the other continents need to do the same. We can watch "history repeat itself" or choose to write New chapters and New beginnings so that we can live and prosper on this planet we call home. Find peace for nations that are fighting and killing daily. War does NOT make peace. It makes over seers and countries that fall to war don't make peace with their enemy. They simply concede and tolerate until a day they are strong enough to fight back again. I will not insert my political thoughts here. It is not the time nor the place. I am saying that if countries are to change, well, as quoted from the bible and our Lord Jesus, Christ, before worlds can change, people must change." So there you have it. All we need to do is change for the better. Do not allow this country to fall victim to the elements around us. Stand strong and stand together as one and take the time to know your neighbor. Pray for this country that God not feel shoved out and that he continues to be a huge part of our lives. I pray for the goodness of the mountains and beauty and peace and serenity. But know this, if we find ourselves in the midst of a desert for an economy or life, we can come together and find water where there appears to be none.

2012 will be New for sure, and we will be here to welcome it in with smiles and hugs. And yes, let us all pray that it is a better year filled with love and goodness and joy. Happy New Year to each and every one of you. From my heart to yours... Mwahhhhhhhhhh. Be safe and enjoy. Always, Darrel

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Sunnie Day 5 years ago

Dear Darrel,

You spoke so much truth here with your talented flair. I would like to link this to my New Year hub if you do not mind. I would be so honored. You laid down the facts, reality facing us but offered hope.. We can not continue to wear blinders..we have to bring back community and the joy of helping our brothers and sisters..Thank you Mr. Darrel Day for a well written hub with much heart.I pray for you a New Year filled with love.



Becky Katz profile image

Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

This is a beautiful hub. Facts do not often go well with love, beauty and hope but you have made them work together. Sunnie has it right.

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Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Sunnie... it is always with a smile that I see you here. I thank you for reading this and I thank you for your wonderful comments. It is I that would be honored if you link this to your page. Thank you for feeling it was worthy of such. I pray God's best for you in the New Year. We both are embarking on new territory. Always, Darrel

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Becky, how wonderful for you to take the time to read this. Your comment lit my heart and I tyhank you from my soul for your words. May God Bless you and yours in the coming year. Always, Darrel

debbie lawrence 5 years ago



Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

how nice to see you here, my dear friend. your words are pure and I wish the very same. Please be safe and know you are thought of daily. Thank you again. Always, Darrel

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Ghaelach 5 years ago

Morning Darrel.

A wonderful piece of work with a lot of info, truths, and hope for peaceful 2012. At times i think our world or at least the human race wasn't made for peace.

As you have written truth in your hub, i find there are many people that can't take the truth and that's where the conflict's start.

Depending how you view your photo's one see's the beauty in both. It isn't the lands that are bad but we humans that tend to spoil a lot of things that we put our hands on.


Take care Darrel and come good into 2012.

LOL Ghaelach

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Ghaelach, thank you for visiting and reading and thank you for your words. It really does lay in our own hands to make this a better place to be. We seem to be pre-destined to over-kill when ever we touch something. I stand by the very words "Before Kingdoms can change, People MUST change. Thank you again for your time and words.

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marcoujor 5 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

Insightful and heartfelt, Darrel.

Hoping you have an opportunity to stop by my corner's Holiday Merriment, as I hope my readers will link to each other, so much talent in the community, like you.

All the best in your writing journey in 2012, mar.

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Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Thank you for reading this Mar. I always enjoy seeing you. I wish for you and yours a most blessed New Year. Always, Darrel

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jami l. pereira 5 years ago

Im glad that some of us stil see beauty in nature and life , that there is always a glimpse of hope for people to change to rescue what is inevitible . So many people think that things will continue on as they have been , i on the other hand think that if "change in attitudes" dont change things will only grow worse and deafen any chances of growth and change , this hub is beautiful and honest and filled with so much love and Hope and i admire the way you put your words so eloquently , you are such a joyous inspiration to me and i am glad that i found you. So much truth , so few words , excellant once again , and as always ! Happy New Year Mr.Darrel



Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Ms.Jami... I want to thank you for your wonderful words. They fill me with reason to continue to write when at times,I feel as if I have missed my calling. To write from the heart with honesty often leaves the writer in an strange place. A place that neither calls them a writer nor proclaims they are not. It is encouraging to read your words and feel, if only for a moment, that I may indeed be a writer. I thank you from my heart and hope that my words will hold your interest. I wish only the best things for you, Always, Hugsss to you, Darrel

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