A Cynic


Cruising the night

Guided by stars

Steered by the moon

And a hope

That had no place

Being there

Leading the mind

To a soft touch,

And bitterly soothing words

Left on an undeserving tongue


Burrowed in the imagination

In a dream

That never came true.

A dream meant

To never exist

In the heart

Of a deserving




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Ausseye 3 years ago

Hi HeuyOfCartoonFame:

Just a lame idea of mine that came to me and made a point that rests in time like some hopping lame line:

Hope is her/ his name

Ready and ever right for that great game

A win there might be

Of love, ethics and perhaps stability

A cynic is a worthy cause

Because it rests on some reality

But some not all, and if the moment makes

A word that's real, brief and engaged

It just might be the universal flame

A bolting light

Of loving humanity

For one who will share your cynic right

To give it meaningless delight

Huey19 profile image

Huey19 3 years ago from Chicago Author

Ausseye, I like this idea. Perhaps I'll look into rewriting a bit or simply featuring your addition of course giving you credit. It definitely adds more to the story in the words. Thank you for your insight your words are of depth and colorful meaning.

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