A Haiku - War

Nature at its worst....

All my lifetime war has followed war.
All my lifetime war has followed war. | Source

Knives slash with no time to rust....

Playing "War Games" now.

Just "...imaginable strife."

Game Day: we all lose.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

M. A. D. even then.

Carnage mourned by the dead ones.

"All hail!" the victors.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Weep... those left behind

Lives lost both sides of the line.

No one knows the cost.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"But we won!" you say.

"Lived to fight another day!"

But, what price to pay?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At what future cost

Of minds, muscles, offspring lost?

Thoughts, loves, genius: toast.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Ashes to ashes...

Dust to dust." Sashes, bugles,

All for mankind's lust.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They call them "remains."

Something is always missing.

At the table, too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Corporations say:

"Nature abhors a vacuum.

You can be replaced!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

More fighters, more blood,

"Your country needs you. Games on!"

(More sinew and limbs.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Peace at the ready.

It forfeits its turn too soon.

Time to play "Peace Games."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

© 2014 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.

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rebeccamealey profile image

rebeccamealey 5 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

I love the message of peace that you convey.

picklesandrufus profile image

picklesandrufus 5 years ago from Virginia Beach, Va

AMEN! Perfectly written words for the pain and loss of war.Vote up!!

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

A great selection of Haiku Poems and they send out your message loud and clear.

Thanks for sharing and here's to so many more.

Take care


Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

awesome poems .. It sure makes me wish more for peace; If only..

voted way up


Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

An interesting discussion yesterday on NPR with a comment from a caller that "...without the help of the French [to which the host added: "and the French fleet'] we would still be an English colony." The caller added that we owe it to others who are even more oppressed, such as the Syrians, to share their struggles for the blessings of liberty and individual rights." Thanks for your comments. All of us need to continually examine our beliefs about our role as a nation and as individuals in today's world.

KDee411 profile image

KDee411 5 years ago from Bay Area, California

Interesting hub. I love the old quotes.


reikieffect profile image

reikieffect 5 years ago

Maybe one day our peace dream will come true; so many lives wasted for obscure reasons we don't understand.I loved it!

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Voted up and awesome! Made me think of how tired the Latvian people had gotten of all the constant occupations. There wasn't a moment's peace.

Vinaya Ghimire profile image

Vinaya Ghimire 5 years ago from Nepal

Your haiku are graphic but I loved the choice of expression. Good work.

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 24 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

Thanks to all who commented and gave this serious thought.

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 18 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

"The war in Iraq" was mentioned in the first debate of the 2016 election cycle. I haven't checked to see if Syria, Ukraine, Nigeria, Myanmar (Burma), Somalia, Chechnya, Etc. were mentioned. Egypt, Israel, Palestine,Yemen, and a number of countries in South America could also be included in the list of so-called "trouble spots" in the world.

There has to be a process for settling disputes short of savagery.

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