"A Lesson Earned"

All the turmoil and stress I've been through,
tell me, what have I earned?
All the sadness and pain,
hard lessons learned,
Tell me, what do I deserve?
for my many a broken heart,
for the nothingness I get in return?
Have I earned this?
Solitude and emptiness.
Do I deserve this?
longing for everything I miss.
I just miss being in your arms,
you holding me tight.
I just miss saying hello and goodbye,
with a kiss every night.
If this is my reward,
Id rather lose,
than to earn a prize,
I can not choose.
But if Im losing,
wont it be just the same?
Tell me how does it end,
how do I get out of this game?
I never wanted to play in the first place,
I didnt choose to be born.
And no matter what cards I lay down on the table,
Im beaten, broken and torn.
Every time I get back up,
Every time I fall in love,
Its the same bad hand,
pointing its gun.
If life is just a gamble,
then I'm calling your bluff.
You may have been everything,
but I was never enough.
Tell me, do you think I have earned this?
Tell me, whats my best bet?
I guess people dont get what they deserve,
You just get, what you get.

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Roman Trend profile image

Roman Trend 6 years ago

Just stopped by to cheer you up a bit. Read the poem you posted the other day (a bit scary), this one is more in the sadness department. Some things cannot be solved with words or action, but time is a great healer of broken hearts.

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 6 years ago from Louisiana Author

which poem did u read that was scary? lol yes they same time heals all wounds, but the scars will always be there.

Roman Trend profile image

Roman Trend 6 years ago

Oh, that was "The Ghost of Us." I thought it was very good, but didn't quite know how to comment. All good poets need a few scars, anyway.

entertianmentplus profile image

entertianmentplus 6 years ago from United States

Great poem.Thanks for sharing.

4x4 profile image

4x4 6 years ago from Los Angeles

Really enjoyed this one, as the emotions just seems to jump at you. And like the rest of the other comments, hope to put a smile in your face and to give inspiration to share more compositions to all of us who come visit your hubs.

Have a great day!

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 6 years ago from Louisiana Author

thanks everyone, your comments do make me smile. :)

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