A Notebook In My Soul.


The notebook in my soul


There is a notebook
in my soul
wherein I
scribble dreams
all love's realized
are scratched in ink
blood red next
to it's seams
The names of those
who've perished
hold a hallowed
place within
while names of
all I've cherished
warm my heart,
and bring me grins,
The story of
my life unfolds
bound by eternal rings
that hold the
tattered pages close
what comfort
each word brings.
A tally of the
days I've spent,
unfold in varied hues,
a pencil here ,
a marker there,
relays my daily views.
I publish some
in poetry,
both free styled,
and in rhymes,
sharing hopes...
my prayers and dreams,
all found between the lines.
There are some
pages missing,
times that cannot
be restored,
no amount of reminiscing,
ever lets me re-record.
Someday all

the pages set there,
will start
fluttering as one,
and my soul will
send them skyward,
when my final
chapters done.
Then my maker,
will take measure
of the worth of
all I've penned, 
he'll render
my soul judgement on,
where forever
it will spend.
Take great care
in what is written,
treasure each line
that you enter,
it's graffiti
on your soul's walls,
in your flesh,
your just a renter.
When your last
editions done,
you'll fly

with ease,
knowing all
your inspirations,
brought your maker 
words that please.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III

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