A Poem: One Step at a Time

If you don't know where your going then find it.

Only you can find which road to take.

Only you can choose which way to rise.

Make the most of all and try your best.

There's always room to go up, so take the flight.

When worries arise just knock it down.

Just take one step at a time.


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Sonya L Morley profile image

Sonya L Morley 4 years ago from Edinburgh

It is true that we are the only ones who know what is right for us. All we can do is try our best. Voted up!

Vellur profile image

Vellur 4 years ago from Dubai

Words of wisdom. Great poem. Voted up.

KySmith profile image

KySmith 4 years ago from Milwaukee Author

Thanks for the comments! =)

abbaelijah profile image

abbaelijah 4 years ago from Nigeria

Nice and real inspirational

Thanks for sharing !


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