Who Am I To Be

Who Am I

Who Am I

I am who I am to be,

I am who is inside of me

My thought my mind not in control,

My spirit, my me, my inner soul

The wind does blow in an unseen way,

From where it comes no one can say

The stars may tell you about your lifelong pact,

Yet action is yours on how you react

Seek the truth and you’ll find your calling,

Find your pace and action in your heart not stalling

I have found that running away was best,

But it only covered the pains in my gut, no rest

It has found me again, who am I in the city

The pains in me soul have returned without pity,

I have been loved and I love many around,

But I leave without whimper not making as sound

I am but a soul in this beautiful place of wonder,

From the stars and the sky we are set all under

It’s time for me to think in a way,

That helps me survive each coming day

One day at a time is what I am told,

For each step taken my heart feels bold

They come and go through my life with such ease,

Each give me love at a cost I’ve paid fees

I thank all who care for me and never lie,

For these are the ones in my life I will always try

Sometimes in life for yourself you must care,

No matter who’s around over here over there

Hold fast hold strong, let the stars in the sky,

May they help you be strong with Who Am I

Robert Green 5/2/2011

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maria.rose profile image

maria.rose 5 years ago from Florida

hmmmmm nice i like it so much really beautiful poem............ thanks for sharing........

greenjr198 profile image

greenjr198 5 years ago from Florida Author

I'm glad you like it Maria. Robert

ndumiso 4 years ago

Wow... Its indeed a very nice poem...thank u sir

Mridulbasumatary 4 years ago

Yes its so nice line.

dainty santos 4 years ago

it's nice:))

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