A Trio Of Short Thoughts.


A trio of short thoughts.

1.- Regret

2.- Friday night on the road.

3.- Love is......


is an Egret
standing on one leg
always wondering if it
should have used two
till the wave of an ocean
of huge grief overwhelms it

Then it tumbles in the current
mourning the past, without any future
only to realize as it's drowning
that its life so unbalanced
by its single decisions
simply lacked the comfort
and support of two.
Friday night
on the road
it's my poet friend
and me......again
spilled into
cane back chairs
sipping java
piping hot
waiting for the amplification
of our scribbled
inner souls
two everyday guys
on a sojourn
with reasons and rhymes
exposing just
words assembled
like old friends
a duo of thoughts
will flow
now dried from the pen
now formed with our lips
in a like cause
cause we like it so much.

Love is.....a delicate
embroidered lace
upon which sets
clay pots which hold
two flowers that seek
to grow and bloom
side by side
but when into
this joyous blend
tears of regret
or selfishness
are introduced
they are absorbed
and quickly they drain
staining the delicate
lace of love
which graced the roots
of joy on
which they abided
to soon removed
their soiled love
is tossed away
while they as well
are transplanted
or just
shrivel, and die
and are no more

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