A lesson from mathematics

Lets help turn those negative into positives!
Lets help turn those negative into positives! | Source

Whilst learning a bit of mathematics,

I thought of something cool

Call it a different way of looking

At quite a simple rule.


When you’re moping around, and miserable,

And being just plain negative.

You will change someone’s mood into a bad one -

Who once was positive.


But if you’re in that much of a pickle,

If you’re in a bit of a stew.

Perhaps you could team up with someone else

Who’s in the same boat as you?


By joining with someone struggling

You’re lightening the burden they have.

Then they will want to help you too,

And it’ll then become positive.


But positive plus positive

Will never turn out sour,

As long as both are interested

In the well-being of each other.


This is what I learned from maths,

And I hope you’ll learn something too,

That by putting a different spin on it,

You’ll find it easier to do


So next time you find yourself in a jam,

And begin making such a fuss

Think about someone other than you,

And help turn their minus into a plus!

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sarclair profile image

sarclair 5 years ago

This is a cute poem.

Davorunner profile image

Davorunner 5 years ago from Australia Author


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