ABC Poem Silent Power

Silent Power

 Agile ancestor of many kings

Bold presence body like a greecian sculpture

Caution absent in this creature before me

Daunting movements wordlessly tell of his power

Etched in stone as old as time lay images of his ancestors

Feathered fur about his four feet of flaxen color

Great beast general of animals grad stories written of thoes before him

Heavy hooves harshly handle the earth benieth them hind feet holding horrific power

Intrepid under imense oppression intense mind always alert

Joyous shouts greet his ears as he bears another lord into victory

Knights call him kin kings call him friend horses call him king

Luminous eyes liquid doors into limitless knowladge

Master of many lands a physical messenger of Gods miraculous design and majesty

Noble countanance nerves sensitive nimble on numerous terrain

Onyx coat oppressor of evil

Priest bless him palaces adorn themselves with portrats portraying his picture powerful muscles roll benieth his coat

Quiet poer is the quote that thoes who quiver before him call him

Rolling thunder resounds throughout the ranges as he runs

Strong symbol of stamina glistening streams soak his silky coat

Triumphant in terror filled battles trickster even to the thieving fox

Untaimed he will forever be unbridled fury when chosen to unleash

Vexer of thoes who try in vain to vanquish this victorious symbol of valor

Wind whips his white mane it whorls about his wonderous face

Xelphar believed to be his sire making him the son of the wind

Young many think him like branches of yew his limbs yeild to any task he puts them to yonder you can see him run

Zoros mount who aided him in zipping through the enemys clutches was told about him that he was a ledgend  but look before you and see this creature of silent power.

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DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 6 years ago

Your pictures are vivid and so strong.Your words compel all of us to move on.Exciting and different'

bluejay900 profile image

bluejay900 6 years ago

It was beautiful! I loved how you portrayed this creature. It was magnificient.

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