Addressing A Temptress.

Addressing A Temptress.



Though her


succulent flesh

simmers desires

in the space


his jean pockets

offering very

tight quarters,

a divorce decree

would bind far more.


What makes it hard


is that only a little



over six inches


separates him


from bliss and guilt


as she winks and


crooks her finger


shaking her keys at him


inviting sweet congress


of the flesh.



He orders a shot


of wild turkey


and gets control


over becoming one,


then nods to her


with a sad smile,


as he exits the bar.



Twenty minutes later,


a 24 kt. gold ring


dissappears into


the pocket of


a 33 yr. old


disgruntled husband,


four stools away



as the temptress


claims her prize.



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pbwriterchick 6 years ago

What a wicked little she-devil! :D

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