After Cummings And Goings....3 poems to ponder

After Cummings And Goings.


Here's to the

great e.e.cummings

who answered his

muses weird summons,

sharing words folks

would glance through,

each assured his

pen danced to,

the beat of some

quite different drummings.





Nature's Magic Wands.


Once again

I ponder

a freshly plucked

dandelion puff.

Holding wishes

not yet blown,
dreams to float

the summer skies
as I weed my way

along life's many

paths of despair.

How often as

a child I would use

this lollipop of fluff

to make a wish,

and then blow

away all my doubt,

across the green

pastures of youth.

Tiny parachutes

ascending, and then

falling to plant

seeds of endless

flowering suns,
that brightened

up my world.

Life always

seemed better
when we had faith

in make-believe.

Reality bears much

harder burdens
bending our spines

in the struggles

to achieve all

those dreams

we longed for,
back when we

launched those

tiny wizards

from a stem

of hope.





Wool Gathering!!


If I could gather all the hair,
that I feel would be most sturdy,
from 16 Woolly Mammoths

buried in the Arctic ice.
I'd comb it all together,
trim it neat across the top
then wind one end up tightly
and insert it in a barrel,

of silver plated steel.

Next I'd take Ponderosa Pine,
as tall as as I could find,
stripping bark and

branches to create
a pole of massive height,
and place the barrel snugly

over one end of that tree.

I'd soak the brush tip

in acrylic, rainbow neon colors,
then hoist it with a thousand men

to the highest mountaintop,
to stand it on its end,

and with assistance

"Paint The Sky!"

But since I'm more

of modest means,

with one sheet of

Arches paper,
and some tubes

of unused Grumbacher,

I will paint my dreams to scale,
till the galleries unleash

all of its miniature delights
and its prints are bought by

speculators whose support

is much grander.

Then perhaps I'll canvas

western skies, and

spread a noon sunset.



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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

I grew to dislike the dandelions. I had to up-root them. I lost the pleasure given by a dandelion.

There you go! That's one big paint brush Dude!

Petra Vlah profile image

Petra Vlah 6 years ago from Los Angeles

wow! after the vers "and then I blow away/all my doubt/across the green/pasture of youth/" is just could no go on. It was so breath take that I had to stop and enjoy it.

I will be back for more

profile image

cosette 6 years ago

one word: PHENOMENAL

ajwrites57 profile image

ajwrites57 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

Thanks MFB III for the tribute to E.E. Cummings. Nature's Magic Wand is my favorite of the three. "Life always seemed better when we had faith in make-believe." Says a lot about being faith filled and the absence of it. Thanks again!

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