I was lost, yeah

couldn't see where I was going

living in unknowing

feeling like I was dead

until I stumbled into you.

Trying not to get busted

emotionally speaking

just going through the motions

tired and twisted

not seeing an ending

until you found me.

And you seem to know me well

even though we've barely met

rescued me from a living hell

never would've guessed it.

Didn't dare to believe this

could happen to me.


Circled without surrender

dirty twisted secrets

no one wanting to hear my answer

So no one asked


I'd probably never tell.

Trying just to be cool

doing my thing, making the grades

at school.

Hoping that they won't see

the hurt that lives

inside of me.

But you seem to know me

even though we just recently met

saved me from myself

never would've known to ask

or what I lacked...

Didn't dare to believe this

could happen to me.


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JBeadle profile image

JBeadle 4 years ago from Midwest Author

I wrote this poem about my daughter but I could've just as easily credited my wife and called this Jeanne Marie. My girls like to rescue us boys I guess. Left to ourselves we'd by utterly lost...

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