Along the path of a rolling dice

Alone in a crowd am I,

passing thoughts wonder through the sky,

there's no one to see me fly,

only tears to watch me cry.

I'm a stranger to query there,

unless promises meant to share,

notices just say beware,

I don't know what else is fair.

I've never had a choice,

to express or acquire a voice,

emotions I try to slice,

along the path of a rolling dice.

Enveloped in a sea of madness,

controlled by waves of sadness,

never realising the gladness,

of avoiding all the badness.

Not knowing which way to turn,

paper lies I attempt to burn,

lost respect I made return,

love is an option I get to learn.

Everywhere I seem to look,

compromises that are mistook,

fate seems tied to luck,

like fishes upon a hook.

Lines between love and hate,

time is a wedge that makes you wait,

memories that seem so great,

turn to stone when it's to late.

Cries lost in the haze,

zigzag torches along the maze,

laughter vanished in a blaze,

darkness ends all our day z.

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yusefblack profile image

yusefblack 5 years ago

A good read Mark, with a bunch of great lines... specially the ones RE love, time, n memories.


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