Altar of Sadness

I Know You.

I am

I breath

I move

Closer to you

Do you know me

full of mystery

Too tired to keep up

the 9 to 5 facade

hand full of dimes

the old man counts your time

mighty heart

stumbles in dark

hangs by puppet strings

taunt extreme

hands to love

The clouds above fly by

We all must die

Soul that yearns

pennies to burn

Freedom outside the door

two steps more

Love fainted

and fell to the floor

Heavy weighted

mortgaged fat soul

the world overflows with madness

and more

lost voices

faux faces

Altars of sadness

flow into the sea of gladness

I want something sacred....... 

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kim cook 7 years ago

wow,,,you have got to get published!

Am I dead, yet? 7 years ago

Michael, wicked writing! Equally wicked image! I almost look exactly like that when I am in a fierce writing mode! It would seem, you are showing us who you are, in words--paired with the picture! 'Alter of sadness'--awesome.

lyricsingray 7 years ago

I'm up'n your score to 90 mate, thanks, kimberly

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