Ancient Genetic Patterns

photo from the surface of Mars
photo from the surface of Mars


Ancient Genetic Patterns.



Electrical synapses

in the brain,

create musical impulses

in our veins,

after taking in sweet

rapture personified.

instinct fuels urges

to make them our own,

till we are enveloped

in a process,

whereby species

perpetuate each other.

Blissful acts of nature,

that have many side effects,

tenderness, committment

and companionship,

All gifts of realizing

the ultimate goal.

Eventually age slows

the ecstatic side,

but memories fill in

the gaps and leave both,

with often toothless

satisfied sighs.



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seasoning 7 years ago

lovely, thought it was going to be deep so nerly passed it by...... should have known hearts and roses would be in there somewhere, cheers

Green Lotus profile image

Green Lotus 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Love it, live it and will live into it..hopefully not toothless :)

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