Ancient Lessons Learned.


Ancient Lessons Learned.  

Fifty strong men went forth to fight 
some invaders near their village,
with their wives and children hidden
safe from all raping and pillage.

Thier leader was the bravest man,
battle scarred and highly known,
courageous in the face death,
he among them stood alone.

He carried many knicks and cuts
from flint points left in his bones,
when he'd fought before with fury
against all those he'd overthrown.

The battle raged quite heated,
as the tribes met on a field,
fifty men dodged flaming arrows 
But niether side refused to yield.

The enemy then launched a 

 ball of flaming pitch that flew,
high in an arc that all could see,

would reduce their men to few

But their brave leader leaped upward 
to track it's fiery wrath,
then took that fatal ball of flames,
when he stepped into it's path.

As all the others of his tribe
saw thier leaders sacrifice,
enraged they flung their spears and rocks, 
vengeful  shots that were precise

Their enemies fell slaughtered,
underneath their fiercesome blows,
and when the fight was over,
not a single foe arose.

Forty-nine men returned that day,
with their hero on their backs,
and peace was granted to them all,
for the bravery of their acts.

They buried him beneath a stone
almost as large as twenty men,
and scratched words on its surface,
using stone tools as thier pen.

"Here lies a great defender,
who without a second thought,
gave up his life, for babes and wife,
in a terrible onslaught.

As warriors we must emulate
this great lesson he has taught,
throughout this joyous peace we share,
that his dauntless courage bought.







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ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

I really enjoyed this poem. Good job.

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