At Journey's End

Time is a torment of life,

shadows of the past causes you strife,

time waits for no man so they say,

ticking incessantly throughout the day.

A million heartbeats later you wonder why,

the tears in your eyes begin to run dry,

it's not only words that hurt and cause you pain,

but the momentum of life that makes you strain.

Each passing hour is time undone,

each passing moon chases the sun,

each shortened day nothing to see,

each shortened night nowhere to be.

Walking through fields jumping fences,

nature all around filling your senses,

momentary lapses of your vision,

detracts you from your sacred mission.

Only sixteen degrees of separation,

excludes us all from another nation,

yet we go through life like we're alone,

detached from humanity we like to roam.

In a crowed you stand so isolated,

passing strangers who are over rated,

aimlessly you look into voided eyes,

searching for solace, no surprise.

You seek fulfilment a life well done,

notoriety and humour you share with no one,

like a flickering candle in the night,

flame robbed by the breeze just for spite.

Tired and hungry you strive to rest,

this journey of life put to the test,

along the winding road of abandoned hope,

awaits on a branch the hangman's rope.

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Hear Me profile image

Hear Me 5 years ago from Somewhere in Florida

Very nice but very sad.

phcooper profile image

phcooper 5 years ago

This is beautiful but sad, if this is your own experience, please stay in there.

profile image

jenubouka 5 years ago

Very well done. I can relate, luckily I have not completed my hangman just yet

suzettenaples profile image

suzettenaples 5 years ago from Taos, NM

Beautiful poem, but never, never, never, never give up hope. The ending is a little distressing to me and the photo, also. One day your true love will come, I have no doubt.

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