At The Master's Table

Winged dragon guard the breath of eternity.
Winged dragon guard the breath of eternity. | Source
The artful spider weaves her permanent trap so incoherent.
The artful spider weaves her permanent trap so incoherent. | Source
Meat carved for beasts.
Meat carved for beasts. | Source
Dragon's litter with snakes in sight.
Dragon's litter with snakes in sight. | Source
Grieving monster in caves of foam.
Grieving monster in caves of foam. | Source
Images flee and appear at "His" will.
Images flee and appear at "His" will. | Source
Winged illusions soothe questions asked.
Winged illusions soothe questions asked. | Source
And she, the green spider catches, eats of death in a frightful cycle.
And she, the green spider catches, eats of death in a frightful cycle. | Source
Master's table set for the fit.
Master's table set for the fit. | Source

His table, master's table long, so long eyeballs ache dashing sea foam down
The whore, the clown, the outcast torn down--we come
Swimming in bloody waves, walking in laughing caves--we near the guarded port.
Brass coffers in plain braggart sight stealing my sunshine and cracking my night.

Waterfall upwards turning round o'er eagle's eye scoping on windless kite.
Foxes, gray and red, dancing hand-in-hand holding His hand--we come
Crawling the donkey's alliance quiet drowning Her hearing in silken sight.
Muddy, muggy feet and hands dead from lies and foreign lands.

Seeking a bone, a crumb, an eyelash moment of life, acting a laugh, a cry, a sigh.
Queen LeBasha Tiu, never knew love like you and I grew--we come
Still, the sea foam creeps from demon's darkness past deep our starving skins dry.
Old, worn boots we wore when young, now our clothes, our fortunes are simply their dung.

They gather. They blather. They drool while gossiping tongues unleashed
Poisons deadly. Poisons in tuneful medley no more a pause for us to sleep.
The tablecloth a priceless silk of linen milk flown from Indies unknown prince
Meat, thieves' cheap wine and death's white crusty bread--we come.

Flesh, skin of women once fair, eyes flash thunder sparks and lips of fair
Kissing no feeling of heart. No soul to see all stationary frozen, chewing at me.
I'm lost one second to the next and feeling spiritually vexed I chant with the crow chorus
Ignoring us, stepping in chairs of snowy caverns of reindeer tales--we come.

A countless counting of numbers of yore seeking a fork of fruit with jellied pork
A countess from His abyss on a moment's ease kissing, touching and tease.
Oh, green spiders true chuckling on webs of dew with His wife so young
And daughters and sons gaze backward at foes on rung.

Keepers bring the beast carved with nail served best with black bloods in silver pails
Dressed in white with matching grimaced brows tossing the ribs and weeping cows.
We swallow with trust and belch in hate looking for criminal cakes having no date.
Old farmer Louis, his wife, Belleux, wearing a corpse's smile carrying a sailor's knife.
We come. Oh, Master of your table, we come.

Endless chairs, windless stairs, and new stars for newborns to laugh at
Food is gone, Master sits alone, as sailors take Him to his boat.
Princess Ellie Leigh looks at me and we talk of days in Africa.
Was this a dream, a demon's scream, or some bill for God to one day redeem?
We come. Oh, mercy beset us. We come.

Sing we the defeated, the wore, and faceless silhouettes at table's edge
Waiting. Still and patiently waiting for a word from The Master's stony lips.
From death we came and clouds are just faded laughter. We come.
Eternity before us or just a passing glimpse of Princess Ellie's love.
We wait above. We wait below. Tired from living. Too weak to roam.

Souls without number, a few, a lot, or just a simple some
Master, oh, Master, we, the hungry, we come.

We come.


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Comments 8 comments

Shadrack2 profile image

Shadrack2 11 months ago

Great piece, you are such a talented writer and poet. Keep more coming friend.

Jodah profile image

Jodah 11 months ago from Queensland Australia

Well Kenneth, this was very deep and multi-layered. You took me on quite a journey in this poem. Well done.

MizBejabbers profile image

MizBejabbers 11 months ago

Wow, Kenneth, have you been sipping from Goego's bottle? It was multi-layered all right, and took me awhile for my simple mind to grasp. Very Edgar Allen Poeish. Very poetic look at death. Well done, my friend.

Kenneth Avery 11 months ago

Hello, Jodah,

I was almost holding my breath when I opened this comment link because I am not about hurting anyone. But your comment took all of my grief away.

Thanks so much for being my friend, follower and one of the best writers on HP.

Peace. God bless you.

Kenneth Avery 11 months ago

MizBejabbers, my dear friend,

No, I cannot enter a plea of 'guilty' on sipping from Goego's bottle. This one took me a week to organize and de-organize. (Sometimes a de-organized stanza makes more sense than one is semetrical structure. At least it does to me.

Thanks, dear, for your sweet comment.

Love you.

Your Friend for Life . . .Kenneth

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 10 months ago from Central Florida

Oh my God, Kenneth! This is amazing. I'll admit I didn't follow all of it until I got to the end. Your words and the deep darkness that they hold had me enraptured, mesmerized, and a bit frightened. I don't know of any other modern day poet who can write like this.

Simply, wow!

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 10 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama Author


My sincere thanks to you for your comment on this piece. This was not an easy hub to organize. But I am glad that I got it out of my spirit just in case I leave this side of eternity.

I pray that you have a peaceful weekend.

Your Friend for Life,


kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 10 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama Author

Hey, bravewarrior,

Thanks and appreciation to you for your wonderful comments that made my night.

I cannot begin to tell you just how much I care for you and am in admiration of your warm spirit.

May God bless you with peace, love, joy, and contentment.


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