Bamboozled No More!


Bamboozled No More!


He paced the

bamboo box,

just east of freedom,
a prisoner of war

for sixteen months.
He methodically walked,

in a stooped position,
back and forth,

back and forth.
One direction

in his mind was

to his front door,
where his wife

was waiting with

warm open arms.
Another was to

his favorite restaurant
where piles of

steaming delights

his rice and

maggot weary palette.
His third set of steps,

led to his mom and dad,
of course he didn't know that,
that path now would

lead to their graves,
they died four weeks ago,

days apart.
His fourth paced

pattern was out of
his hellhole with

joyous leaps.

sadly they came for him

with orders to ship him
to Saigon, for further

interrogation and torture,

He bolted 16 steps

as they opened the door,
that caged him, before an

AK-47 opened his back,
and left him dying

in the jungle rot.

He had a smile

on his lips,

as he died which puzzled
the enemy greatly,

but he had found a new path,
to an open gate above,

as heaven offered him
old friends, and family,

scrumptious food,
and freedom with

wings forevermore.




©-MFB III -to all of my brothers-in-arms who are still in the limbo of MIA and POW


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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Freedom comes with an end to what "is" too often.

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