Be Real Be Real

It's like I'm noticed for what I have done,

in my ominous past,

playin' every chick like free throws off the glass,

and what I did was stupid,

no doubt it was more than dumb,

but to many people don't see me,

from where I'm really from,

They just judge me from the image they see

that's all in the front,

so I'm not perfect

so I've f***ed up

but I'm hoping for the better now

an still attempting to start new

and take this weather out

this storm hits me like a thousand words

harder than ever from all the s*** you heard

I try not to judge or even say s***

but rumors start up like fires in the forest

an i just wana leave an forget it all

maybe comeback brand new standing tal

I just need you to believe every word I say

I'm done f***in' around this f***in' rain

[The aftermath of this poem felt good, just expressin' what's inside]


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