Beyond Everything

The animated mystery
Inside every sunset
And every crescent moon
An optimistic journey
Though a shadowed silhouette
Covers an empty spoon

In the cradle’s motion
Destiny is determined
For the chosen few
To what devotion
Or earthly friend
Can the poor turn to?

Living below the surface
Of human consciousness
And material worth
With no political office
To end hopelessness
On this mean earth

Nothing but misery
And alienation
Covers their injured minds
Caring is a political primary
With insincere oration
Leading the blind

No law of value
Can nurture a child
Or free it’s mother
No white statue
Of truth defiled
Will care for another

Groomed for a process
And ruthless competition
We assume knowledge gained
But only through applied duress
And forced subordination
Will wealth be obtained

Scorned at birth
Exploited until the end
Discarded under a cross
Venturing forth
With faith to depend
On an ancient promise

Free of tedious duty
To love anew
And to be cared for
The masses of poverty
Who you never knew
Are free of your violent war

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