Poem-Blinded By Confusion

Blinded By Confusion

I feel that you are near me

but then you just don't seem to hear me.

I can see an illusion

but it's all mixed up and confusing

you just don't understand

the things i do are not planned.

I have questions, on my mind

that need answers, i can't find.

I don't need you for my health

I don't want you for your wealth.

I just want you to see

that all I want, is to be me.

I don't want you to cry

but i feel, I want to die.

and before I should go

and off in my own way.

There is something I want to say

and something you should know

I only feel the way I feel

because I love you so

and you can't see it's real.

VLH 1984

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IN2Deep profile image

IN2Deep 6 years ago Author

Thank you again Wolfbrother!

Wolfbrother profile image

Wolfbrother 6 years ago from England

great writing :)

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