Books by Sidney Sheldon

My favorite books

The first Sidney Sheldon book that I've read was "The Sands of Time". I borrowed it from my friend in school. From then on I started collecting his books. Here are the list of his books, all of these are just captivitating, glued me on my seat until I've finished reading it:

  • Nothing last forever
  • If tomorrow comes
  • The best laid plans
  • The other side of midnight
  • Memories of midnight
  • The sky is falling
  • Are you afraid of the dark?
  • Rage of angels
  • Tell me your dreams
  • Master of the game
  • Bloodline
  • Morning, noon and night
  • When the stars shine down
  • The sands of time
  • A stranger in the mirror
  • The naked face
  • Windmills of the gods
  • The doomsday conspiracy

My favorite books by other authors:

Iris Johansen:

  • The ugly duckling
  • Pandora's box
  • On the run
  • Blind alley
  • Stalemate
  • The countdown
  • Long after midnight
  • The killing game
  • Firestorm
  • The face of deception
  • Final target
  • And then you die
  • Dead aim
  • Fatal tide
  • The search
  • Final target
  • Body of lies
  • No one to trust
  • Silent thunder

Lian Hearn

  • Across the nightingale floor
  • Brilliance of the moon
  • Grass for his pillows
  • The harsh cry of the Heron
  • Heaven's net is wide

Christian Jacq: The Ramses series

  • The son of the light
  • The temple of a million years
  • The battle of Kadesh
  • The lady of Abu Simbel
  • Under the western acacia

Dan Brown: aside from Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons

  • Deception point


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lisa 7 years ago

it was fine\ searching this site


marriedwoman profile image

marriedwoman 7 years ago Author

thanks lisa. glad you find it easy too.

Jan 5 years ago

I love Sidney Sheldons novels too. Another writer who writes in the same riveting style is Jennifer Bacia. I bought one of her ebooks and then had to buy the rest

Janine 5 years ago

anne 4 years ago

-i really loved sidney's books...a material which you really can't be putting down.. its novels gives you can even brought you to places where one's feet can even bring us to...

MARY 4 years ago

wooh! shedon's books are just breathtakin....

marriedwoman profile image

marriedwoman 4 years ago Author

love his books to death...

marriedwoman profile image

marriedwoman 4 years ago Author

i totally agree...thanks for dropping by.

marriedwoman profile image

marriedwoman 4 years ago Author


sapphire doroteo veneranda 3 years ago

sidney sheldo's books is always a treasure!

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