Breathing Sin

Breathing Sin

Breathing in,

slowly for a moment of relief.

Breathing out,

a shallow sigh of peace.

Lookin in, deep into my soul.

Gazing sin,

upon the pain never known.

Relaxing the mind preparing for what may come.

Time to unwind,

to face the demons my fear's spun from.

Breathing in,


Letting out,

the caged negativity.

Closing my eys,

for one brief glimpse in time.

Opening the minds line,

singing out melodies of melancholy and rhyme.

Taking it all in,

desperate for an answer.

Moving sin,

waves of masochistic questions befin.

Lookin in,

finding only my soul to answer.

Breathing Sin ,

my heart's failed attempt at desire

1-4-13 Zayleen pain

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

Great words and I now look forward to many more by you.


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