Butterflies within me

 They are trapped within me

and they sing ...

can you hear them ?

They sing through my smile,

they sing through my laugh,

they sing through me all the time

I have so many of them,

I want to set them free,

they deserve to fly high way up high

as far as their wings can take them

they need to break through all the boundaries

and sing to be heard

right now they live trapped in a cage

within me

im afraid sometimes to let them go

they are so pretty

so fragile

yet they are strong as they huddle

around my soul

to protect me, guide me

and always have been with me

I hear their wings flutter

they are my butterflies

so many I have each one

is a different part of me

one day they will be free

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Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

One day, one day they will be free...

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