Am I A Child of A Different World?

A brief introduction

This poem is my first work in English and inspired by my son who is very dear to me. He is the one who taught me selfless love.


Am I A Child of A Different World?

I do not know when I last saw my mother

smile at me with pride ,

She always looked, as though all night

she had grieved and cried .

I always saw grief whenever she smiled at me,

I wondered what is so different about me.

I realized that I think when…. I was two ,

I couldn’t walk like all the children of my age do.

She struggled carrying me every time to a Doctor new,

By this time some problem I had, this much I knew.

I saw many kids sometimes with more challenges than mine,

Anxious looking parents searcing for a clue waiting in a line.

I never liked the doctor so never

Co-operated in the beginning,

But gave up my ego when ,

I saw my mother struggling.

I exercised hard with my OT to walk,

Worked harder with my speech to talk.

Then with each milestone I struggled harder,

I had to battle to reach the IQ border.

Nobody seemed to be proud of my success,

But with my weirdness my parents

I would embarrass.

I really didn’t want to see my parents troubled,

As I grew my problems and gap had doubled.

Friends of my age always laughed and criticized me,

They made a group and ostracized me.

I also wanted to be like them normal and merrier,

But I am supposed to be special and inferior.


I wondered could God make me like this….?

Everything he made so….Perfect how could he do this

Only thief comes to steal, kill and destroy,

My God had made me with the same passion and joy.

Then why am I still unaccepted and unloved in this world?

Or do you still think I am the child of the different world?

Why nobody asks me my opinion and what I seek?

Yes I do have challenges but certainly I am not a geek.

I do have a soul …with a purpose I am sealed,

When time comes it will be revealed.

Till that time could you stop and

Count your blessing

Will you remember to give a smile

Next time you see me passing?

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Abound profile image

Abound 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

this was touching. thanks. abound

sandy27m profile image

sandy27m 6 years ago Author

Hi Abound ,

Thank you that you found it touching.


sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago

Awesome Sandy, you know the world of the differently challenged so well, the ostracism, the bullying and the feeling of being an nonentity has been brought out so well.

The challenge lies in recognizing that there is a purpose and a plan and you seem to know it pretty well too!

Best wishes and welcome to the world of HP!! where your thought life gets creative!!

sandy27m profile image

sandy27m 6 years ago Author

Hi Sofs

I thank you for your nice comments and for your encouraging words. Most importantly thank you for helping me out to align those pictures.I hope to come up with more hubs soon ! Thanks once again God Bless


apu 6 years ago

the lines which i read and the ones that are invisible are very much heart touching to see u pass on a message to all that there is so much we can learn

sandy27m profile image

sandy27m 6 years ago Author

Thank you for your kind words.

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