Celestial Stubs.

Celestial Stubs.



I stand

in a huddle
of earthbound angels,
shoulder blades bare,
wings ripped away,
when flights

of love fell short
into the brambles

of regret.

The skys

call me
but I hold

no answer,
just the blues

of their tapestry
quilt me

in sorrows.

I stand in

a huddle
of earthbound mortals,
at a

bus stop
on just another day,
the rush

of the hours
s l o w e d to

a crawl,
since love's loss

stripped my ascent,


its featherlight

touch has become
hard concrete

beneath my feet,
the heights

I knew
are left



I climb on t

he bus now
and rumble away...
the grey

hounds me
as yesterdays






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