Clearwater, Florida.

Clearwater Florida
Clearwater Florida
Cocoa Beach
Cocoa Beach

Clearwater, Florida

A misnomer at best.
The water was murky
and held the visibility 
of a Georgia rainstorm
but the sky was as clear
as a two-year old's gaze
at a candy store display.

Still we found a sandbar there
50 yards out,
where we danced horizontally
across aqua curls,
as the sea goddess
combed us out of her
emerald crowning glory,
with her many massive head waves.

From surf to turf,
in a joyous frolic of flesh and board,
till at long last we basked,
in the emanating heat
along the skirts of her
undulating body of water spent.

Cocoa Beach


Cocoa brown sand
marshmallow soft
is endlessly blending
into a broiling surf.

Many palms bend gently
around the curved edges
of this vast heated drink.

pastel umbrellas top 
this foamy concoction,
as dark chocolate 
and vanilla specks
stir vigorously along
its swirling rim.

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