Cold Wars

Cold Wars

  When we fight in silence it's just as

Violent as pulling a gun out to shoot.

The cold hard stares that are cast

is like getting kicked with a boot.

When I ask you something and

you won't answer back.

It's the same pain you feel with

a stinging face smack.

Trying to understand and not

knowing where to start.

Hurts just as much as getting

stabbed in the heart.

Why must we continue with these

silent cold  wars?

Knowing if we would just talk

we would accomplish more.

Forgive and forget is easier

said then done.

Let's go back to the place

where our hearts beat as one.

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Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Very well said (or better say written). All the best, I hear you.

Johnny Love 5 years ago

I know that beat well. I feel what I feel and fall only just to fall. Passion has nothing on you.

4elements 5 years ago

Thank you happy and Johnny for leaving comments on my hubs. I love getting feedback. Johnny I hope I can write as deep and passionately as you. I want the readers to feel what I felt when I write what I write. That is the biggest compliment to have the readers identify with you and feel.

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