Contests Grammar Spelling Punctuation SCREAM it's making me CRAZY! :)

->(,' " * $ # @ ~; : ` { [ ] } ? \ m / )!!!!!

Oh no! She's on another rant! DUCK!

While some of those who know me, know I don't really have a problem with all the misspelling or grammar or punctuation, and it really doesn't make me scream, or make me crazy! I pretty much can accomplish that on my own without help!

Although you may want to duck at some point. I have been known to throw things at random! Well, or randomly throw things. Usually it's just something I'd trying to throw away and miss the trash pail! Where I live we have recycling, so when I finish a soda, I will toss it and make it, then YaY for me! I award myself a couple of points. After all it's my scale I can give myself as many points as I want!

Right? I thought so! Sometimes I miss, and the capped bottle goes bouncing off in some crazy direction not even near the empty's bin! (which is actually an over sized dog food bag, it doesn't leak.) Wow, I know that just made me sound like I have a playing field inside my house. Well, I don't, but I use it as one on occasion if the empty's are ready to go, and it's raining I'm NOT going outside to put them in the bin, since the recycle truck doesn't come by until like 5am! No, I'm not getting up just to fit into their schedule! I didn't retire early to punch a recycling time clock! I'm a live and let live kind of person, so if I missed, and it bounced off the wall or doorway, I'll get it when I get up, it's not like the world is going to end if I don't! After all I don't live at home with mom and dad anymore (they are in Mom & Dad heaven at current.) but they would have never let me get away with that! :) I'm sure they look down on me and shake their heads! Sometimes probably think "And there she goes falling asleep in front of the TV with lights on, and a possible candle burning!"

Well, sorry Mom & Dad, I love you, but this time I bought my own house, and play my own games! Even if alone! Hey I don't hear my dog complaining! (Ok, she complains.. but not about that.) I'll get to that. After all this is a rant hub isn't it! :) Yes, I guess I tend to smile at my own rants, because I can, and because they're sometimes funny to me. They might not be to you, but then again, only I'm stuck in my own head! The voices don't belong to me, they're just running in circles with their mouths taped shut until I decide to let one of them speak their piece! Usually at the most inopportune times!

The first thing I'm going to rant about it the word DEFINITELY. I really don't care how you spell it, if I can get through you're reading I don't care. I'm bringing it up because it came to an actual argument with someone once. I told this girl that people from the North put an A in it because that's how they pronounce it! I'm from the north, and pronounce it with an a not an i. The ONLY reason I ended up always spelling it right was to bug her. (yes I'm mean I know, I know!) Because I like being right! lol!

The girl ended up coming out to visit with me, and being from the West coast I realized when she said my a's were long that I called my Mom Maaam, I said well, you say it Moam, and my Brit friends call their Mothers Mum! SO? What is the big deal? We all know WHO we are talking about when we say the word right?

The other word isn't really even a word, but it's used quite often in talking and in writing. Out of. OK, when we say we want outta here, (which must be right because there's no red underline.) lol! Her spelling was oughta here. Which ISN'T a word. It even has a red line under it. Ought is used mostly in southern dialect! "Shouldn't ought do that." Would mean someone should not do that! I had to prove that one too, and BING "Points for me" I was right. Aught used as a noun means ZERO. A lot of people in the south say aught when using a zero. My dad was from the south, and when he helped me with my math home work, he'd say "1 - 1= aught" not zero! I got what he meant because I grew up with it. So ought and aught are actual words, just not commonly used! But if you say, you should get oughta here, you're WRONG, it would be "you should get outta here." Because "OUT" is a word, and adding to it the "ta," together is "outta." So proper English is "Get the aught outta my sentence," would make perfect sense! (Get nothing out of my sentence.) LOL

Disguise! Not disgise. That's not a word. But if you use it, I would know you mean, "that person has on a disgise." Your dialect just means you don't pronounce your word with the U in "disguise."

These aren't really any pet peeve's in grammar, just pointing out what is right and what is wrong. I don't really care. Not as long as I understand what you're saying anyway. With the Internet and other people around the world learning our language, I have read some super funny sentences. I think it's because when they read ours, they understand it, but don't get the past tense of some things we say. Such as "had." I see as "has" which is present tense of the word. I think the website about animals that say "I haz cheeseburger." stole it from that, or me! I say me, because before that website ever came about I used to tease my dog about eating everything on a cheeseburger except the pickle! I would say "Now has your pickle" and the more I poked it at her, she would back up and start bouncing like a plastic bottle missing the bin! Then the more I said "Has that pickle" she would begin barking with her bouncing! She's a funny one she is! :)

When I first moved to the south I wasn't a stranger to the "Do What" phrase! Like I said, my parents are from the south. But I had to razz my friend about it, because in the north we say "HUH" which actually sounds dumb "huuuuh" (like Scooby Do or something) LOL! So if I said something, and he didn't quite hear me, he'd say, "do what." (note no question mark, as it's not a question.) I ALWAYS reply, "I didn't ask you to do anything, I just told you something." Oh! So, me, the person I am, when he says it now, I have to reply "Ok ok ok, I'll do it, now what is it you want me to do." GRRRRR... I see the "you're being sarcastic with me" look! The whole thing is just funny!

My dad always hated when my uncle would say "et" rather than eat. I don't know why it bugged him but it did. My cousin and I used to always try to talk like each other, me being from the North and her the South, until once after we were grown, we'd stopped to watch a bit of news. Now CNN, as most know is based out of Atlanta, right where she lives. I looked at her and said ... "Have you noticed that the newscaster HAS NO SOUTHERN ACCENT?" We laughed as she said "wow, no I never noticed that until now." Apparently if they live there they have to learn to talk without their southern accent while on the news! It made me want to meet one of them in person to see if indeed they did have an accent or not! I never did, we ended up doing our own thing, so I never got around to it! We did have a great time again, as grown ups. :)

Oh almost forgot! I was going to rant about my dog, but come to think of it, I don't have one, other than the minute I get all comfy to do something, that's when she wants to go out. On a more strange scale, I was on the phone while she was outside, talking about someone who had passed on, a most horrible death. I really didn't want to say "hang on while I let the dog in" because it's the anniversary of this person's death, and he was loved and known around the world a lot of people were very sad. So I heard her bark, but didn't go to let her in. A few second later, I hear her coming through the house. So I have NO IDEA how she got inside, but she did. And I never had to put my friend on hold. Which was very strange! She's never done it before that day, and she's never done it after that day. I guess food for thought. I did say something was different, it felt different since all those planets lined up. I dunno.. I guess, she let herself in.. at the most peculiar time.

No more ranting, I think that was about it. Now only one water bottle to try to make a basket with, and my day will be done! :) *unless more strange happenings occur* - PEACE!

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You can comment in you want! :P 13 comments

What Is Q profile image

What Is Q 5 years ago from Tennessee

That inkblot looks like two teapots on the wings of a mechanical pagasus with leaves for legs. But that's probably just me. It could be just an elephant in disgise. (

Taylorwise profile image

Taylorwise 5 years ago from Austin, TX

you are just hilarious! love it.

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America Author

Q: I'm thinking you might want to commit yourself to the nearest asylum. You did after all want to wear a straight jacket. It's a peaceful pretty butterfly! Ink Blots official name are Rorschach. But you have to be a psychiatrist to know that. I'm not one, I just pretend to be one on tv.

Taylorwise: I had to do this for your grammar peeve hub! You seemed% like someone; who can take a joke and joke back.!? I've actually read some from people that I don't even want to talk to for fear. 'that I might? put a grammar that is more better! than they can stand@ Now. Those people scare me|to death\!

What Is Q profile image

What Is Q 5 years ago from Tennessee

PS. I wrote more in that comment, but I guess it disappeared. Or maybe I just imagined it, since I'm apparently crazy.

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America Author

I think it's a weird glitch because that happened to me too with BBG's! I was just going to say "Word" like street slang, then follow it up with what else I had to say, but when it went up, it only said "Word" .. when I wrote and said, "Hey I said more than that" she said she hadn't believed I ever had such a short comment! If you leave more than one browser open, the rest of the comment should still be in it, mine was, so I was able to post the rest of it. But yeah it happened to me too.

So maybe you're just Slightly off, and don't need a full commitment to a mental ward. Maybe just a throazine drip and they can send ya home. I really think it's a glitch tho.

RealHousewife profile image

RealHousewife 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Very funny! And good point, I was in Atlanta a few years ago and they do have a southern accent which I loved to hear. Now that you have brought it up, I've never heard a newscaster with a southern accent! I guess they have to lose it!

People can be very harsh about our mistakes. I hate making them too!

Love the new Avatar!

htodd profile image

htodd 5 years ago from United States

Thanks for the great post!

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America Author

Thanks htodd!!

RealHousewife profile image

RealHousewife 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

See Kat - this is where I professed my love of your new Avatar! Haha!

Happy mothers day!

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America Author

Aw, yep it is! lol!!! This was my silly way to tease with Taylorwise! She's punctual and grammitical (that's a word for being good at grammar lol) hehe.. Thanks so much and Happy Mothers Day to you as well!!

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America Author

OH GRRRR I love my mini mouse for my laptop! It's retractable and works so great!! Even quiet so my dog don't know I'm playing games LOL but it just caused me to click one of my own links :( ugh!!! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT HUBPAGES MONITORS!!! :(

leni sands profile image

leni sands 5 years ago from UK

I love this piece of writing, ranting is my favourite sport as is language - the English Language. Voted up, funny and interesting!!

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America Author

Ha! Thanks leni I guess we all need to sometimes huh?!?! :)

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