Forest and city

A short poem written about my favorite little hiking area which I used to visit for exercise and an outdoor hike.I live in a small village and just across the river is a place with forest and wildlife.I would go on a hike there two or three times a week just to get exercise and to get away.The peace and quite of nature always being an important part of  my life style.There were deer and wild turkey and a trout stream in the small forest area.Over the years this place has changed and is now being turned into a suburban area.


                                                      Not so long ago

                                                    I walked along a path

                                                       Not so far away

                                                   The pavement of city streets

                                                   Walking I see the contrast

                                                   In city there is steel and glass

                                                    asphalt and concrete pave the way

                                                  Machinery is humming and

                                                     smoke clouds the sky

                                                  people are busy and hurrying all the day

                                                 The forest is full of trees

                                                    animals and birds are everywhere

                                                 All sing songs to God above

                                                 The air is fresh and clear

                                                    and sweet melodies fill the air.

       October 1990

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meteoboy profile image

meteoboy 6 years ago from GREECE

Beautiful poem . All we need to relax at the nature, hearing sweet melodies.Thank you for sharing. Keep writing.

glowingrocks profile image

glowingrocks 6 years ago from New York Author

Thanks for saying so meteoboy.Nature is amazing.

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