Deep Concious

Deep Conscious

Greetings traveler

You have plunged this deep

Just to see me.

Yet I am merely a fragment

Of my former self.

A remnant

A piece of sanity

A Shard of personality.

The rest of me continued on.

Going deeper than any man should.

Past inner fear

Past Insanity

What I found I do not know.

Why I left I cannot say.

Did my soul survive?

Or am I merely a memory

A piece that could not continue.

That dared not go that deep.

The place which no man dare look.

Past the Mind,

Past the Soul,

Did I find enlightenment?

Or Did I find Damnation?

If you see the rest of me

Would you ask myself for me?

For I still dare not continue

I cannot join myself in that deep recess

Past darkness

Past Light

But be warned though

Some journeys are one way!


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BeccaHubbardWoods 6 years ago from Outside your window...


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Phasmatis 6 years ago Author

Thank you

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