Depth Perception: Short Poem

The held back tears that now stream violently down my face, freeze. Its so cold here at the bottom. An obvious perception of self shot down. Spewing the blood of insecurity from the self inflicted holes throughout my mind. I am nothing compared to the rest of them. I am the waterfall of unpretty, hiding in the shadows behind beautiful words that make up a beautiful image. Smoke rises from the gun of realization like a Japanese water painting. All the evidence left of the truth it had spoken. I am nothingness. I am silence. I am forbidden desire. With the last pound of my shattered heart and the release of my soul, I continue to love you.

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triosol profile image

triosol 6 years ago

very beautiful. voted up

Teshaun Jenea profile image

Teshaun Jenea 6 years ago from Indiana Author

Thank you ^_^

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