Descriptive Personal Poems


Carefully I walk

Trying so hard to be brave

They all see my fear

Dark glasses cover their eyes

As mine, flow with tears.

As I sit here now

Dreaming of your warm embrace

I cry and wonder

Why you left me alone

To dream of your, love and grace.



Today I lay awake

Exams are due tomorrow, we write about our

Environment, ages, and our lives

Not all is good in life especially not this.




Abnormal judicial stupid

blind killers troubled

confused liars unadvised

disliked magestic vulgar

eager neat watchful

forgiving optimistic xenophobe

gaga priceless yawper

horrible quick zestful.

idiotic reckless


Walton, Jane

was completely plain

when you made her cry

she'd almost die.

Williams, Nick

was always sick

he wasn't that sane,

but completely vain.


Think of me sometimes

when lives are miles apart

as you promised to.


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micheal jackson 7 years ago

i love little kids

Lost one 7 years ago

i really liked tank.

beautifully written.

makes me feel the same way.

trichelle laurel 7 years ago

micheal i you realy dead

donna 7 years ago

nice not bad

ME!!!! 6 years ago

i love the first one i feel the same way......

LIP profile image

LIP 2 years ago from United States Author

Thanks guys! 4 years later!

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