Desolation that is Unparalleled.


Desolation Unparalelled


Sorrow blunders,

a weary tumbleweed,
churning blindly over

mountains of true grit.

Huge barriers are

created by the howling

winds of despair,

in the desert of my soul.

I am a cactus raising
sharp daggers

against any contact,
with all who have

wounded me.

The heat of angst

scalds my soul,
consuming my dreams

in wild fires, 
many are far

too often
reduced to ash.

Let tears healing rains

purge this grief
from the dry wash

of my eyes
and the parched

gullet of my throat.
cleansing me from

the abrasions

of yesterday's

bitter journeys.
Only then will

I seek oasis,
in the shaded

palms of another's

gentle touch.




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