Don't Wanna Wake Up

Don't wanna wake up from

this dream i am having with you,

i am soaring so high,

i feel like im flying

so unreachable

i feel empowered by you and the love

you bring

you make me feel invincible

I am immortal by your side

I feel so high by your side

I don't wanna wake up from this dream

i am dreaming with you

i don't wanna wake up

Dear God please let me die

in this dream where i can live forever

in your arms

He knows how long i have waited to be loved

by you in this way

i feel i am soaring on an eternal


your my drug, your my addiction

I don't wanna wake up from this dream

i am living with you

let me not wake up

if i do.....i would die withou you

Don't wanna wake up..................................


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