Medeival Boy Knight Series: Dragon Slayer


This is the second installment of the Kieran the knight adventures. A third will be forthcoming.


Dragon Slayer

Kieran knew his parents would not be happy to discover their son had gone dragon-slaying. But Sir Gerolde was on another quest to save another princess stolen by another evil ogre. His mother was out consoling the King and Queen.

“It’s always the same”, thought Kieran. “They’ll never know.”

In the center of their cornfield, was a huge blackened circle. Whisps of dark smoke rose high in the sky. Similar towers of smoke could be seen in a path that led west towards the village. Kieran knew only a dragon could have caused the burnt circles. He knew where he should look for the evil monster. Inside the dark, foreboding forest, there were creatures with wicked growls and sharp snickering teeth and yellow glowing eyes. There were hungry things and greedy things. Where else would a dragon be?

Kieran had practiced his knightly skills each day. He and his steed Winston were very good at jousting and sword-play. Sir Gerolde had provided Kieran with his own well-fitting armor. Having put on his suit of steel, Kieran whistled. Winston came. He saddled Winston, grabbed his sword and shield and rode towards the Forbidden Forest.

Whistling a tune, Kieran felt confident while in the light, on the path, outside of the forest. But to find the dragon, he had to leave the safety of the path. Breathing deeply to calm his thumping heart, Kieran followed his nose and the sun. He could smell the smoke. He could see the sun, still moving west in the sky. He knew the smell would get stronger as he got closer to the crater.

Suddenly, Kieran heard snorting and pounding feet. The noise got louder and louder still. A bumbling Lombax, a stomping Slyvern and a galloping Unicorn come crashing through the woods. They swerved around Kieran and Winston.

“I must be going the right way”, said Kieran.

Breathing deeply again to calm his hammering heart, Kieran continued to follow the smell of smoke to the blackened crater. At the edge of the crater, he saw a very deep, very large clawed foot-print. But the dragon was nowhere to be seen. Onward went Kieran and Winston, following the smell of smoke and the sun.

After traveling awhile, the smell was stronger. Kieran knew he was close to the next crater. Suddenly, he heard snorting, flapping and pounding feet. Crashing through the woods, a towering Cyclops, a flying Fleeb and an awful Ogre swerved around Kieran and Winston.

“I must be going the right way”, said Kieran.

Breathing more deeply to calm his sputtering heart, Kieran followed the smell to another smoldering crater. He saw two sets of three, very deep gashes on either side of the trunk of a nearby tree. But, again, the dragon was nowhere to be seen. Onward went Kieran and Winston, still following the smell of smoke and the now setting sun.

After traveling awhile, the smell of smoke again got stronger. Kieran knew he was close to the next burning crater. Suddenly, it appeared that all the creatures in the forest were snorting, flapping, pounding and racing towards them. As they crashed through the forest, Kieran prepared for impact, raising his shield to his face. Creatures with wicked growls and sharp snickering teeth and yellow glowing eyes ran on either side of the pair shrieking as they escaped - from what, the dragon?

“I must be going the right way”, said Kieran.

Breathing deeply to calm his racing heart, Kieran followed the smell to the last still burning crater. Nearby was a very large cave. He heard a loud, booming hiccup. A column of fire shot out of the cave. Then, there was a very loud honking like all the trumpeters in the King’s court were blowing their horns. Kieran jumped off Winston’s back. He patted his nose and told him to stay. Holding his shield up, ready to protect himself, Kieran walked very slowly into the cave. After his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he could see a big pile of jewels. Behind the jewels was a large, scaly, black dragon. Breathing very deeply now to calm his speeding heart, Kieran raised his sword.

“Evil dragon, I have come to save the village by slaying you. I am Kieran, the dragon-slayer.”


Another loud hiccup came from the back of the cave. Fire roared towards Kieran hitting the raised shield. Kieran was thrown back and sat down hard. Tears formed at the corners of his eyes. Who knew dragon-slaying could be so tough? Kieran peeked from behind his shield. Tears flowed from the eyes of the dragon and dripped onto the pile of jewels. Kieran got up and stepped forward.

“Why do you cry so Dragon? Do not trick me?

“I can’t stop sneezing,” explained the dragon. “I was looking for jewels far north. It was very cold and I got very sick. I have been sneezing all the way home. I feel so bad and I can’t stop. The dragon sneezed again and Kieran ducked just before the column of fire raced over his head singeing only a few hairs.

Kieran stared at the crying, shivering dragon. He thought about the blackenedcraters and understood that today he would not be a dragon-slayer. Kieran got some wood. He built a fire. Hunting through his supplies he found what he needed to make two steaming cups of chocolate.

Before he left for home, the dragon had stopped sneezing. Kieran had not slayed a dragon but he had made a new friend.

© 2011 Teresa Coppens

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Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

Beautiful 2nd episode.

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