Poem-Dreaming Of You (part two)

Dreaming Of You

Dream it's true, what else can you do

but that does not mean, I cant dream with you.

Maybe it's true, what were doing is not right.

but, it's better that we realize it,while it's clearly in our site.

Dreaming, yes it's true, I will still think of you

and you know we can talk, if ever we need to

I've seen you in the snow, the rain and the sun

whenever we've been together, it's always been fun.

You're not crazy to be a dreamer,and you're surely not a fool.

any fever you ever have,I will try and help you cool

I've layed awake so many nights,just waiting for you to call

then suddenly my eyes would close, and fast asleep i'd fall.

So many times you held me tight,when I needed you,you were there.

So many times it felt so right,that's why I'll always care.

You say your plans will never come,I don't know what you mean by this

but before I close my eyes each night, I will send you a hug and a kiss.

Dreaming,but it all seemed so real,when you touched me the warmth i did feel

and i know it was more than a love affair,because if it wasn't I would'nt care

the way i do inside my heart, the way I have, right from the start

I should'nt have to say I love you, you can see more than that in my eyes

but if all of this was just a dream, it's something i just did'nt realize

So dream if you feel it's right, and call me if you feel you can

because I will always be here for you, and I will always understand

I didn't mean to hurt you, and i know you know this is true

but I felt it was right to alert you,so all of our dreams could come true.

VLH 1986

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lilyfly profile image

lilyfly 4 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

Set yourself free from rhyme. You have some great stuff here! Good luck, and be well... lily

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