Elements of Literature

You aways have time
You aways have time


In this worldly rat race to succeed

I have become as a mindless robot

only knowing of, metallic buildings, and court papers

My life has become like a routine

and I have lost myself in this rat race

One morning while rushing off to work

I did not hug my wife or kids

I didn't notice the flowers, or the trees outside

I am just walking toward my car with my suit case nonchalantly

While in traffic I noticed a car that didn't have the chance to clear the


Like mindless robots the other cars and I proceeded on driving

I saw the man inside struggling to get his car started so that he can clear the


I slammed head on into him

Now I lay here in near death

My whole life is flashing before my very eyes

I can feel time slipping away

I wisper to myself in my subconcious mind

I said,"God give me time!

Give me time to say good bye to my wife and kids

Give me time to love because I never really loved to a greater extent

Give me time to live because I never really lived

Time, give me time to smell the flowers, and feel the morning breeze against my skin

Time give me time to experience

I never had the chance to use all my emotions,my mind was always filled with hate

and judgemental thoughts about others

As I am having these thoughts my heart beat becomes faint

I can feel myself slipping into a dark tunnel

I try to reach out to life,but than I am no more

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John W. Watson profile image

John W. Watson 7 years ago

I found it to be some engrossing writting. I enjoy when hub writers share their soul. As writers we need this outlet.

I did some of my soul sharing on The Pact. Download it and enjoy.

pan1974 profile image

pan1974 5 years ago from Columbus,Ga Author

Thank you

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