It came

in a big box,
made up of 10

rooms and a roof,
this holiday season.

It was filled

with loneliness,
all wrapped

up and left
in the corner

of my heart
where the fires of
passion still smolder.

The emptiness
leapt right

out at me,
and has embraced
my days and

nights ever since,
I can't get it back
into the box,
and it's making me wish
that I was in one.

There it goes again,
Pang-ing on the
hollow edges

of my soul,
like the

aching echo of
my own footsteps ringing
in the new

year to come,
with some

old friends,
me, myself, and I.








Denial In It's Truest Form.



I sit in the

bay window,
fireplace crackling
just to the left of me,
sun beams playing

across my face,
on a rare, bright

cloudless day.

Warming my

pale flesh
on a  tropical

beach towel,
in my bathing suit,
like some mannequin
advertising Speedos.

Outside the

snow is

piled high,
much like

white sand,
it too refracts

of diamond

like specks.

But its cold is
innocuous to me,
in my cozy glass

paned paradise,
I lather on

some copper-tone,
and bask in

the December sun......


"What winter?? "









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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

"I can't get it back into the box,and it's making me wish that I was in one."

My life is strewn for someone else to clean up!

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