Faces of Disappearance

courtesy of google image
courtesy of google image

Faces Of Disappearance


A feeling of weightless consumes me

I have no clue what this is suppose to be

Why can't I see what I have become?

You call to me, but I'm not there

I'm caught in what feels like a daydream's stare

Why can't you see what I have become?

Above what use to be me

I levitate to see thee

Trapped in a place where no one knows

Trapped in a place where no one goes

Bright beams of some sort of light

Quickly becomes black as night

Why can't I see where I have been?

I can see the shadows of strangers

That seem to be in the same dangers

Of what and where I have been

Scared and bruised

Lost and confused

Trapped in a place where no one knows

Trapped in a place where no one goes

What seemed like a dream becomes a reality

A world full of cruelty

Yet I some how found peace within

Death has shown it's face again

I will not fall victim again.........

I will not become your slaved friend......

I will free these faces....

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butterfly Tattoo profile image

butterfly Tattoo 6 years ago from Dallas Texas

Beautiful poem. keep them coming

Fullerman5000 profile image

Fullerman5000 6 years ago from Louisiana, USA Author

will do. im glad you enjoyed it. thanks for the comment.

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