From The Gleam Of One's Sorrows. (4 assorted short poems)

From The Gleam Of One's sorrow.

In the prism

of a tear
many colors

are reflected
from the darkness

of one's soul
leaking out

through its windows

Perhaps there

is hope
to know that

even a tear
can be lovely

in its natural form
bringing some comfort

to those who weep.




I wanted to go back,
but you can't back,
because it's gone,
Time rearranges,
an old familiar place
or face changes,
and moves on.




Mid -Afternoon Concerta.


There is harmony
in birds chirping,
over lonely crickets
friction of love,
as bullfrogs add some bass,
I tap my foot,
humming along,
to this symphony of
God's traveling orchestra.

Even my darkest of days

can be lightened

by the melodies

played endlessly

to cheer me.



Naive: A Visual!

Naive is

a native
without his T-
-shirted about

his middle,
huge pot

belly hanging
thinking he

is well dressed.


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Jen's Solitude profile image

Jen's Solitude 6 years ago from Delaware

MFB, From the Gleam of One's Sorrow, truly hits me where I live! Thanks for such a accurate and descriptive poem about a tear shed in sorrow.

And since I anxiously await the improvement in health that the warmer weather provides me, I truly love, Mid-Afternoon Concerta.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

I sat on a plane next to Mike Pinarro of Iron Butterfly as I was going toward a second "tour". He tapped on a small tape recorder and emitted strange sounds. He had just joined "the band" and was writing some of the Metamorphosis album. The plane landed in LA. I was going on to San Diego. The stewardess said, "The Iron Butterfly has just debarked". I saw Mike Pinarro's (spelling?) picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone. His joining the Iron Butterfly was announced. The word made me remember. Thanks

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