Get Up Get Up Quickly

Did You Hear That Noise ?

What .

What noise ?

I was in the middle of the most wonderful dream

It sounds like a baby crying

Give me a minute

I am looking for my shorts to put on

My eyes aren't even open

I don't hear anything

Where was the sound coming from ?

It was right outside our window

My wife rolled over to go back to sleep

I think it stopped

I headed to the kitchen and to our living room

Honey I don't hear it

Shhh I am trying to listen for it

How can I hear it

If you keep talking

Our cat heard something too

She went running from window to window frantically

I will take a walk outside

So I open the door and the cool morning air gave me a quick chill

It was drizzling outside

Everything was all wet

As I rubbed my eyes for the third time

Sqinting to see

Maybe it was an animal

An animal in trouble

Not prepared to encounter anything

It started to rain

Now I am getting wet

Not seeing anything out of the ordinary

I headed back in

My shirt and hair all wet

I came in and dried off

Snuggled back into bed

Whatever it was it is gone now

Some things are left a mystery

Lets see if I can go back to my dream

It's funny how things can change in a split minute


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