Have i failed

Have I failed?

Dreams of me,

Dreams of what could be.

All I can do is dream.

Its all I have,

My dreams.

And I can't understand what's turned them so bad.

They were dreams but now they're nightmares.

I want nothing for me.

I just want to help you,

Through the hard times that are coming .

But I'm afraid I will lose you,

To the vicious dogs of time.

And my heart begins to whine,

It whimpers for you.

I understand that I have to let go of what could have been.

But I want to know if I've failed you.

Did you hope for more?

Did I disappoint?

Now I wonder if it matters.

If you care as much as you say.

I think of it every day.

And I wish I'd done more for you.

I wanted so much but what did I do?

Did I disappoint you?

Is that why it feels like you want nothing to do with me?

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