So that I may bask


So I may fall


So that I may feel

And shake

Another voice


From behind me

Guiding me

Leading my mind

And body

Into temptation

Shocked back

Into reality

From the distant

Night horizons

Twilight afternoons

Disfigured senses

Finally making sense

Aligning our eyes

And the stars


So that I may join you


Thus completing mine


So that deaf ears

May be opened

And receive gifts

From the mouth

Of an angel

© copyright Ben D.A 2011

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Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS

haha -somehow it is an amusing image- but very effective one, Ben! It's wonderful to let go and enjoy!

BenWritings profile image

BenWritings 5 years ago from Save me from, Tennessee Author

nellie - thanks as always. you make me giggle like a little schoolgirl ;] haha

arb - catching up can be tough can't it? Thanks for including me haha

arb 5 years ago

Hi Ben! Been away for two weeks. Trying to catch up. One of my favorites. well done

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS

This one is incredibly intimate and expressive. One could not help but feel your emotions as you expressed them in it. It leaves little question of your deep feelings. Bravo!

BenWritings profile image

BenWritings 5 years ago from Save me from, Tennessee Author

your comments always brighten my day saddle.

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 5 years ago

Your words are compelling, your words are magic. You my friend have the gift, keep them coming, let your mind spin with new discovery and share it all with us here when you are moved to do so. Time is on your side, peace.

BenWritings profile image

BenWritings 5 years ago from Save me from, Tennessee Author

sharyn - i love crisp! :] thanks so much!

aylee - Glad you found the time/desire to read it multiple times, thats awesome...thanks for your incredibly flattering comments on so many of my poems

aylee95 profile image

aylee95 5 years ago from Honolulu, HI.

I like the way you formated this one. It really... for lack of a better word, makes me concentrate. It makes me read it over and over again to make sure I read it right, and I find myself getting lost in it over and over again. Beautiful.

Sharyn's Slant profile image

Sharyn's Slant 5 years ago from Northeast Ohio USA

I like, I like, I like this one Benny!!! Very intriguing and "crisp." Love the pic too . . . hope all is going well for you.

BenWritings profile image

BenWritings 5 years ago from Save me from, Tennessee Author

Thanks so much Cardisa! haha, all the comments mean so much

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica

Ben, this is so divine!

BenWritings profile image

BenWritings 5 years ago from Save me from, Tennessee Author

Once again, I am just blown away by how many comments I got in a day. I really wish I had more time to spend replying and returning the favors :[

Every single one of your comments are greatly encouraging and appreciated.

Thank you all!

sligobay profile image

sligobay 5 years ago from east of the equator

Great write Ben

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 5 years ago from Louisiana

lovely, simply lovely. sweet and serene, truly a poem heavensent.

angel88 profile image

angel88 5 years ago

woalaa...that was good, very good. it so deep and easy at the same time.

i agree with twilight, it think it´s one of the best too.

angels are with you :)

Bumpsysmum profile image

Bumpsysmum 5 years ago from Cambridgeshire

Emotive, heartfelt stuff :-)

Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 5 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

Heavenly Ben,with a touch of humanity.;)

mckbirdbks profile image

mckbirdbks 5 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

Angels with wings fly away. It’s their nature. Nice write.

Twilight Lawns profile image

Twilight Lawns 5 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

Stunning and beautiful Ben. This is definitely one of your best. It is so lush in places... was Erato lending a helping hand? I really loved it (Is that just a little bit obvious?)

profile image

Sunnie Day 5 years ago

Beautiful Ben..thank you for sharing.


skellie profile image

skellie 5 years ago from Adelaide

Beautiful Ben, The touch of an angel, helps bring lifes confusion in to perspective - all we have to do is listen :D

Great poetry, beautiful and up

Cheers Skellie

P.S - Congratulations on your earnings, i will have to check mine :)

profile image

Doug Turner Jr. 5 years ago

Reminds me of falling for a stranger...

This poem is lean and spare, just how I like them. I like the repitition of single-word line verbs: touch, stare, breath -- sort of breaks the poem into sections without being obvious about it. Nice, bro. Glad to see you're still churning out the words despite the new job. Peace and war.

SeenButNotHeard profile image

SeenButNotHeard 5 years ago from Michigan

Speaking of Heavensent things, I'm pretty sure your gift with words is one of them (Pretendthisisaheart) xD

Poohgranma profile image

Poohgranma 5 years ago from On the edge

Surely, the ones who walked away from us will never know how much love they could have had. Too bad, so sad, their loss...lol

You will find some very lucky woman one day and she will return these feelings. They won't be from the one you wanted them to be from, but they will be good, and right, though it is almost impossible to believe now and your longing may come and go for years, but use it as a measure and you will never find the love you so deserve. A beautiful, as always, write!

Randy Behavior profile image

Randy Behavior 5 years ago from Near the Ocean

Ben this lovely. There is a gentleness and an unveiling here....maybe its self discovery, that is very intriguing.

WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Another good one, Ben!

Elizabeth99 profile image

Elizabeth99 5 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

Aww, this is so sweet. You can write so diversely it amazes me! "Smile thus completing mine." I like that :) Good job Ben, up and beautiful!

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