Hope is the promise of songbirds in the spring

Hope is the rainbow that follows the storm

Hope is the darkness broken by light horizons

Hope is the fact that I’m still able to dream

Hope watches Goodness emerge from destruction

Hope is what makes fears cower in shame

Hope is the only option except for despair

Hope is living the Peace that comes after the Fight

Hope begins in the dark, while expecting the light

Hope is the spark that God gives every man

Hope is a miracle making something of nothing

Hope is what fuels the one with nothing left

Hope is eternal belief that tomorrow with justify today

Hope is limitless- proving man’s spirit eternal

Hope is expecting the best, while Faith is acting the part

Hope is living through Hell, yet expecting a next breath

Hope is looking Forward to life….. or even to Death

Hope is the wings that soar above turmoil

Hope trusts that tomorrow exceeds today’s void

Hope is knowing that things need not stay the same

Hope is the goal that makes the journey worthwhile

Hope is the expectation of the unlikely

Hope is seeing one’s life the way it should be

Hope is the right path, despite where it may end

Hope is in working for attained Satisfaction

Hope is the daughter of Faith- and the mother of Action

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    -“Surely” is a play on words for the name of my fictitious queen of Assurance- Shirley. This was written several years ago, but it still holds true in my life today. To me this poem is about Confidence....

  • TOO

    This poem is an expression of belief against any outside judgments of our own capabilities and limitations. "Wisdom says ‘Average relates To that which we aim.’" *Blessing's all about perception!!

  • NFL All-Time, All-Pro Team- *Offense*

    ALL-TIME, ALL-NFL TEAM *offense*- Clearly mine is pretty good because it was vultured by Bleacher Report in 2011- http://bleacherreport.com/articles/773701-nfl-the-all-time-team


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