How I Rose Against The Thorns.

 It snagged me unaware,

hiking National Saguarro forest

with both legs bare. 



I brushed against 
some barrel cacti
whose prickly personality

decided to attack my....


"calf "...punctuated with
exclamation points,

which I made a point

of exclaiming about

in rather loud shouts.



 It‘s the first time
I‘ve ever cussed out

a cactuses offenses,
but my leg resembled a
balding porcupine,
stripped down to his
last defenses.




I sat alone in the

middle of nowhere,
carefully removing
the sharp spines,

embedded there.



Hoping some stray
beast hadn't
urinated on them,
or passing vultures
hadn't defecated

over each stem.



Then I beat feet
back to my car,
as a precaution
against any toxins

it might have  

injected so far.



Later I was left
with eight red blots

that looked a lot

like polio shots. 




Souvenirs of my

desert jaunt that gave  

a little more prickly heat

then I'd expected to brave.




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